What damages can I claim in a Connecticut wrongful death case?

Wrongful death scenarios are some of the most devastating events a family can endure. It can be especially difficult if the cause of the death was a medical mistake or some other fatal accident in a healthcare facility setting. The State of Connecticut allows for the families of wrongful death victims to claim damages in many different types of cases.

In any case, the plaintiff — that is, the victim’s family — must be able to prove that negligence caused their loved one’s death. This could be something like a surgical error, a catastrophic birth injury or even the physical or sanitary status of the victim’s hospital room. In general, negligence of this nature could be described as anything the victim could have sued for if they had survived the incident.

Once negligence is proven, the plaintiffs and their attorneys must figure out the economic and non-economic damages caused by the wrongful death. The first classification is typically easy to define. This accounts for lost wages, funeral costs, medical bills and other tangible causes of financial loss.

Non-economic factors are a bit more difficult to put a set dollar amount to. This may include facets like pain and suffering, issues like depression and other indirect losses. It also includes loss of consortium, or the effects of losing one’s relationship — and the companionship, comfort, affection, etc. that went along with it — with the victim.

Because wrongful death cases can become highly nuanced rather quickly, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side to fight the court battle with you.

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