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Defective medical devices can cause serious problems for patients

Unsafe medical devices can cause serious injuries and death. Defective devices can have a profound impact on patients and their families.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) handles medical device recalls. The way that a recall is handled depends on several factors, including the type of device and the kind of problem. In many cases, none of the options available will provide an easy solution for the patients who are stuck having to deal with the defective device.

Collateral consequences: Thinking beyond a court-imposed sentence

Many people who are facing a criminal charge tend to focus on the court-imposed penalties. These include punitive consequences like incarceration or fines. While this is certainly an important consideration, it shouldn't be the only thing you think about.

There are other ramifications that you face when you are convicted of a crime. These are sometimes referred to as collateral consequences. They can have a significant impact on your life even after the court-imposed penalties are completed.

Breakdowns in medical communication can be hazardous

Getting medical care can be a test in patience. When you need treatment from more than one doctor or hospital department, medical professionals might hand off your case repeatedly. These hand offs, which occur when you go from your hospital room to radiology, for example, are necessary. But some patients are injured because of negligence and disorganization in the process.

While there are several different problems that can occur during a hospital admission, hand offs are often the most problematic. And these problems are among the most preventable. If you or a family member is heading into a hospital, consider these points.

Car accidents: What you can expect during the settlement process

Your morning commute is typically uneventful. Maybe you take the same route every day and stop at the same café for an espresso for your morning dose of caffeine. Your days always followed the same pattern, until the day another car hit you from behind while you were waiting at a red light. Now, your car vaguely resembles an accordion, you are facing some high medical bills, and your doctor has instructed you to stay home from work for the next two weeks.

Car accidents can have severe and expensive consequences. If you have been the victim of a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost wages and the damages to your vehicle. A personal injury attorney in the New Haven area can help you negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

4 ways brain injuries affect you after a car accident

If you were involved in a serious car accident, you know that a collision costs more than just money -- it can cause serious injuries, stress and changes in your day-to-day life.

If you or a loved one suffers from a brain injury, it's important to understand how it affects you. No two brain injuries are exactly the same. Some people suffer from injuries that impact their memories, while others suffer from trouble communicating or with personality changes. Here are four ways you or others could be impacted by a brain injury after a serious car accident.

5 pregnancy conditions you should know about

Pregnant women know to expect changes as their pregnancy progresses. While many pregnancies are clinically uneventful, others are impacted by serious medical issues.

Expectant mothers who go to a midwife or doctor for prenatal care should be monitored for specific conditions that occur during some pregnancies. Many of these issues can be addressed, but life-threatening problems can occur if they are left unchecked.

6 things to know about trucker fatigue

Trucker fatigue poses a serious hazard to everyone on the road. Victims of accidents caused by tired commercial drivers should learn all they can about trucker fatigue so they can use the information to obtain the compensation they may be entitled to.

Here are six important things people should know about trucker fatigue, auto accidents and legal help.

3 tips for dealing with a medical error that causes harm

Medical errors can impact a patient and the patient's entire family. When you are the person who suffered harm, dealing with the fallout can be difficult. You might not be able to interact with your children like you need to. Your relationship with your spouse might suffer.

Handling all of this as you deal with physical pain is immensely challenging. As you work to decide what to do, you should consider these three points.

A patient's worst nightmare: Waking up under the knife

Imagine going in to the hospital for a simple procedure. You have your pre-op with the surgeon, the anesthesiologist then comes in to put you under, and you fall blissfully unconscious before they even wheel you into the operating room. Not only did the staff administer anesthesia, but they also gave you a paralytic to keep your muscles from twitching during the surgery.

Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist did not administer the correct dosage. You woke up just as the surgeon was making an incision into your abdomen. The paralytic kept you from alerting the doctors that you were awake. You endured hours of surgery, unable to even open your eyes much less signal the staff, while completely awake. This is one of the worst fears of every patient that has to have a surgical procedure can experience. Unfortunately, for a woman in Canada, this fear became a reality, and she suffered a horrific experience.

Young drivers and questions about a personal injury case

As a young driver, you may not realize that there are many dangers lurking on the roadways of Connecticut. For example, there are people who drive distracted on a regular basis, thus greatly increasing their likelihood of causing an accident.

If you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident, the best thing you can do for yourself is to receive immediate medical treatment. You have time for everything else in the future. Up front, you need to focus on your health and well-being.

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