Who Will Handle My Injury Or Malpractice Case?

In many people’s minds, all lawyers are essentially the same, and law firms operate in the same way. Particularly when it comes to personal injury and medical malpractice, there are varying approaches to the business of law and different types of service. You have numerous choices for representation in your personal injury or malpractice case.

Attorneys with Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante have been representing clients in personal injury cases since the 1950s and medical malpractice cases since 1960. Few law firms in Connecticut (or elsewhere) offer that depth of experience. Not only do we offer an extraordinarily long history of strong results in injury-related litigation, we provide highly personalized service to every client and his or her family.

An Experienced Attorney Will Work With You

Our firm is not a high-volume settlement mill, which means we don’t accept a high volume of cases; it also means we’re not interested in settling lots of cases quickly. If we serve you or one of your family members, your case will be handled primarily by an experienced attorney, not a paralegal or support staff member, from start to finish. You will be able to talk to your attorney on a regular basis and get your questions answered throughout the duration of your case. You will not be “just a number.”

LTKE Law has a licensed nurse on staff. You may be in touch with our nurse regarding medical aspects of your legal matter. You may also speak with other members of our highly trained staff.

Since your case is extremely important to you and your family, both now and in the future, we think it is vital for you to compare firms and know as much as possible about the firm you choose.