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Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante is a unique law firm that specializes in trial advocacy and litigation in the courtroom. We have almost 70 years of experience providing the effective representation our clients need.

When an insurance company receives a complaint, one of the first things they do is research which lawyer is handling the case. If they see that the lawyer handling your case never goes to trial, they will offer an inadequate settlement agreement. Insurance companies are not afraid of lawyers who seem reluctant to take a case to trial in order to get the compensation their clients truly deserve.

On the other hand, if the insurance company believes that your lawyer will take your case to trial if necessary, and knows how to fight in court, then they will offer you a much higher settlement offer. That is why it is important to hire a lawyer that specializes in jury trials.

When you need the help of a Connecticut trial lawyer with experience, resources, and the respect of their adversaries, judges, and the courts, call Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante at 203-333-3333 to consult with a reputable Connecticut trial lawyer.

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Hiring the right lawyer increases your likelihood of achieving the best outcome possible for your case. The sooner you get us involved, the more we can do for you.

Get us involved early enough, and we may be able to save you money in court costs, fines, and penalty fees, and depending on the type of case, you may not have to pay the party you are fighting, or you could end up paying them substantially less.

The choice is yours.

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Our full-service practice spans the areas of:

We are large enough with our resources and staff to handle even the most complex cases, yet small enough not to take our clients for granted. We are a team of skilled and experienced trial lawyers who focus on fighting in court. Our focus on developing the strongest litigation skills has helped us build a record of achievement that we are proud of:

  • We have been named one of the top-ranked law firms in the United States.
  • Our firm has repeatedly been recognized as one of “The Best Law Firms” and several of our lawyers have been listed in the publication The Best Lawyers in America.
  • Several of our lawyers are board-certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.
Verdicts & Settlements
$2m Motor Vehicle Collision
Motor Vehicle Collision

LTKE Law Attorney Marisa Bellair and Attorney Rosalie Louis secured a $2 million settlement in a head-on motor vehicle collision. The defendant’s vehicle crossed the center line between the north and southbound sides of the interstate and struck the plaintiffs’ vehicle head on causing serious and permanent injuries.

$3m Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice

Attorneys Steve Errante and Marisa Bellair sued an emergency room physician and hospital for failure to diagnose their client’s cardiac condition. Instead, the Defendants diagnosed him as suffering from gastrointestinal upset and discharged him. He died a short time later.

$2.85m Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice

Passenger injured in a motor vehicle accident was hospitalized with serious injuries. Despite the fact that progress was being made during hospitalization, the defendant hospital and its agents removed a ventilator without properly and adequately evaluating readiness for extubation, which resulted in an emergency tracheotomy. The patient died. Action against defendant hospital and its agents.

$4.25m Airplane crash
Airplane crash

A 37-year-old female passenger involved in small plane crash sustaining multiple trauma and burns over 50 to 60 percent of her body and requiring a prolonged hospitalization and several surgeries. Action brought against the aircraft broker and the aircraft maintenance company.

$3.25m Railroad accident
Railroad accident

An action for negligence against a large commuter railroad company for the failure of its employees to properly supervise and protect a subcontractor’s employee who was working on railroad property from energized overhead power lines. The victim was electrocuted twice and sustained serious burns over much of his body.

$3.9m Airplane crash
Airplane crash

An action for aviation negligence and wrongful death against the pilot of a small aircraft who failed to follow proper piloting procedures. The airplane crashed, killing a young female passenger.

$3m Negligent hiring
Negligent hiring

An action for negligence against an employment agency for failing to properly screen and background check a new employee who had dangerous propensities and subsequently attacked a co-worker, resulting in multiple stab wounds and other serious personal injuries.

What our clients say

They went above and beyond what I expected. Their genuineness and sincerity given to not only myself but my family cannot be thanked enough. Truly the best!

Lisa L.

Very good law firm with great lawyers. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a firm that will represent their best interests.

Juan M.

Great people and great service. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Yumac L.

Very friendly and comfortable.

Betty D.

Brilliant group. The best. Every attorney is devoted.

Marilyn L.
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If you have been injured in an accident, going through a divorce or business dispute, or have been harmed by the wrongdoing of others, it is important to hire a lawyer to represent you who has the skill, experience, and willingness to take your case to trial if necessary.

Our Connecticut trial lawyers have an excellent reputation among defense lawyers and their clients, which are typically insurance companies. That is important because they know that we will go to trial if we have to. Moreover, they know that if we go to trial, we will win.

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Q: What Happens During The Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation is an opportunity to hear about what happened to you or your family member. We will take the time to sit down with you to hear your story. You'll explain how the injury or accident occurred, the extent of the injuries suffered, the treatments you may need moving forwards, and the challenges brought on by the incident.

Q: Who Handles My Injury or Malpractice Case?

From the moment you reach out to our firm, one of our experienced attorneys will handle your case from start to finish. They will be readily available to answer your questions and provide the support you need to navigate the legal process. Over the duration of your case, you may also communicate with our licensed nurse.

Q: Do I Have to Come to the Office?

We strive to make the legal process as simple and stress-free as possible for you and your loved ones. We are happy to meet at your home, the hospital, or another convenient location. Before you meet with one of our attorneys in person, we invite you to set up a phone consultation with our team.