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Empowering families through wrongful death claims in Connecticut

When one member of a family dies suddenly, it affects everyone. Any such loss will disrupt your family life, but unexpected death often creates the most difficulty. After all, an accidental death likely means you didn't have a chance to say goodbye or resolve any conflicts in your family. If the person who passed away was still relatively young, they may not have taken the time to create a thorough estate plan before their death.

It is also possible that the death of a loved one will leave your family with significant financial concerns that they will have to address for years to come. When this has resulted from a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else, it may be in the best interest of the surviving family members to pursue a wrongful death claim against the party responsible for the accident.

Most common cognitive problems after a traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can change your life forever. Unlike other parts of the body, the brain may not heal completely after suffering damage.

The impact of head trauma is different for everyone. Many factors contribute to the outcome, such as the severity of the injury, the affected location, the type of injury, the delay of treatment and much more. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of key symptoms and signs.

Warning signs that you should avoid a daycare provider

Leaving your child in the care of someone else is not easy. You may worry about their well-being the entire time you're at work. You may dread getting that phone call from the daycare center or the hospital.

At the same time, there is little you can do to avoid daycare. You want to keep your career afloat. You need to work to pay the bills. Until your child is old enough to go to school, you have to use a daycare.

Why "good kids" still make dangerous teen drivers

People often make the mistake of assuming that "bad kids" end up becoming bad drivers. They hear about teenagers who drive recklessly or text behind the wheel, and they assume these children break rules, refuse to listen to authority and care about no one but themselves. They assume they're irresponsible, uneducated and careless.

While that certainly may be true in some cases -- many adult drivers also fit this profile -- experts warn that the real issue for most teens is simple: They lack experience. This means that "good" kids can absolutely become bad drivers.

Documentary explores the dark side of the medical device industry

Netflix's newest documentary, "The Bleeding Edge," brings a different perspective to the medical device industry as filmmakers recount patients' experiences with poorly researched and regulated medical devices.

According to Forbes, most devices face little to no regulation and are favored over similar products because manufacturers persuade doctors to use their products instead. The complications could result in long-term health effects for patients, or possibly death.

What is cerebral palsy and why are babies born with it?

Having your baby suffer a serious injury at birth can be devastating for parents. If the injury is preventable, grief can worsen. Not all birth injuries are the result of medical malpractice, although, some doctors fail to meet the standard of care during labor and delivery.

There are several possible causes of abnormal development or damage. Educating yourself about cerebral palsy may help prevent the disorder in your child or make caring for a child with CP easier.

Study: Medical error is America's number 3 cause of death

The number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease. At number two is cancer, with its many variations.

These are well-known threats. People understand the links between obesity and heart disease. They know that cancer can come from many sources, from asbestos to smoking to the sun itself. Many of us know how to limit our risks and prolong our lives.

New mothers' health risks: Serious infections after childbirth

The birth of a child is joyful experience for a family. In the days that follow, they will learn how to handle some major life adjustments. A downside is that some women are at risk for developing an infection in the days and weeks following childbirth.

It is imperative that new mothers work with their health care providers to keep an eye on the healing process. In the postpartum period in the hospital, nurses examine obstetric patients; during this process, they check for any signs that something is amiss. Unfortunately, they may miss critical signs of postpartum infections.

Hospital patients deserve a safe environment

Patient safety in hospitals must be a priority. These institutions must have measures in place to ensure that anyone who is admitted or undergoes outpatient tests and procedures can remain safe. In hospital settings, even one small error or a single employee who doesn't do their job correctly can cause catastrophic results for patients.

The burden for patient safety falls on the facility, not the patient. It is up to the hospital administration to make sure all workers have a good understanding of what is necessary to keep patients out of harm. Here are some common obstacles to patient safety.

Plan ahead for parties to avoid drunk driving charges

Outdoor parties and barbecues are commonplace this time of year. For many, these come with adult beverages that can liven things up a bit. Unfortunately, many people fail to make safe travel plans for getting home if they've had too much to drink.

Not everyone who spends time with friends and family members will drink alcohol. Try to find one of these individuals who will agree to remain sober and drive you home. It is important to do this in advance to avoid the situation of a "designated driver" leaving early or consuming alcohol during the gathering.

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