• $2.85 Million Medical Malpractice
  • $12 Million Sexual Assault
  • $4.25 Million Airplane Crash
  • $2.3 Million Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $3 Million Negligent Hiring
  • $12 Million Sexual Assault
  • $3.25 Million Railroad Electrical Accident
  • $250,000 Falldown (Premises Liability)
  • $3 Million Negligent Hiring
  • $3.9 Million Airplane Crash

New Haven Medical Malpractice Law Blog

How can you feel empowered in your medical malpractice case?

Medical negligence is common in today's healthcare system. Overworked medical professionals, poor communication and mismanagement -- products of an intensely profit-driven industry -- can all lead to mistakes that can leave patients with lifelong injuries or disabilities -- or worse.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a medical error, you have the right to be frustrated and angry. But you do not have to accept a lowball insurance settlement or take no for an answer after a serious medical error.

What does the future hold if you have a DUI conviction?

If law enforcement stops you on suspicion of drunk driving, you will face several penalties. The entire experience will be unnerving, but you assume you will just deal with it and go on with your life.

But life as you know it may change as a result of a DUI conviction. 

Car crashes are a major cause of brain injuries

If you watch football games, you have no doubt seen players suffer head injuries. It happens in other sports, as well. However, car crashes account for thousands of traumatic brain injury cases every year.

There are two forms of traumatic brain injury. An open TBI happens when a foreign object pierces the skull and enters the brain. A blow to the head can cause a closed traumatic brain injury, the most common form. 

Three common labor and delivery complications

When you're expecting a child, you hope everything goes right with your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Even if your pregnancy goes well, you may encounter problems when it comes time to give birth.

Your hospital and your doctor or midwife should be ready to deal with any complications that arise. Here are some common labor and delivery issues and descriptions of what your medical team should do to prevent and treat them. 

Three common winter injuries (and how to prevent them)

Wintertime is full of surprises and hazardous situations. You can easily suffer an injury in the winter while performing basic tasks and during normal activities. Slipping and falling, experiencing a car accident and developing frostbite are all common types of injuries that occur during the cold months. 

Thankfully, prevention is possible. You can enjoy this time of year, injury-free, by staying alert and watching out for hazards. Follow these health and safety guidelines to stay safe this winter.

Things that can keep patients and doctors from getting along

A good relationship with your physician is essential to your health. Poor communication and a lack of trust can cause avoidable errors. It can even lead to negligence and medical malpractice.

What are some of the biggest roadblocks to positive patient-doctor relationships? There are many reasons people don't have good experiences with health care clinicians, but below are four common ones.

Cold weather and increased road hazards

The fall and winter months in Connecticut are full of interesting events and beautiful sights. As you are driving around, make sure you take proper safety measures. Some road hazards are more common in colder months than in summer and spring.

Here are some potential dangers to be aware of when you head out in fall and winter.

Health conditions doctors commonly misdiagnose

Because so many medical conditions improve considerably with early detection, a missed or inaccurate diagnosis can mean the difference between a full recovery and no recovery at all. Doctors, like all humans, are not immune to error, but medical errors can have catastrophic effects on your health and your ability to get better.

Doctors commonly misdiagnose certain medical conditions more than others, so if you have any reason to suspect that what your doctor told you may not be true, trust your instincts. After all, you are the only one who truly understands and experiences your symptoms, so if you question your doctor’s diagnosis, you should, at least, consider seeking a second opinion. So, what types of medical conditions do today’s physicians frequently make mistakes about?

Drunk driving defense: Know the options

Motorists can deal with a drunk driving charge in a variety of ways, more than most people would think. There are effective defenses for those who are actually innocent, along with defenses that can help drivers against whom there is compelling evidence. In general, it is your defense attorney's job to make sure the penalties are as minimal as possible if you do end up with a conviction.

Regardless of whether you made a mistake or you were completely sober, it is important that you are not treated unfairly and that everything the officers did at the scene was done by the book. Here's a little more about how you can protect yourself with a solid defense.

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