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Does you employer understand your brain injury?

Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are deceptively destructive injuries that can disrupt or even destroy a victim's entire career and lead to conflicts within a victim's community. Unlike other injuries that present visible or otherwise easily identifiable symptoms, mild TBIs often seem like nothing to those who do not understand the scope of difficulties that the injury creates.

If you suffered a blow to the head on the job, then you deserve excellent treatment and fair compensation for your lost wages and other considerations through a workers' compensation claim and/or a third-party injury claim. Unfortunately, since many employers fail to understand exactly how serious mild TBIs are, they may pressure you to return to work sooner than you should, or they may object to providing full treatment and compensation through your claim.

Understand your options for handling a drunk driving charge

A DUI arrest starts a series of events that can be very difficult to live with. You will have to go to court and possibly face significant civil penalties, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Connecticut laws are strict when it comes to drunk driving. Understanding the law can help you determine how you are going to respond to the charges against you.

Medical vs. recreational: Understanding Connecticut marijuana law

The subject of marijuana is discussed frequently in this country. Many states, including Connecticut, have decriminalized some cannabis use. This doesn't mean that there aren't potential consequences for having marijuana on your person.

If you are found to be in possession of marijuana, you may be subject to civil or criminal penalties. In some cases, you can face incarceration if you are convicted. Here are some things you should know about marijuana in Connecticut.

Give semitrucks room to move on every road

As the busiest shipping season of the year ramps up, you are probably going to see more semitrucks on the roads. While these large vehicles are serving an important purpose, they are also creating a big danger.

Even though most semitrucks travel primarily on interstates, which are considered the safest roads, they have a higher rate of involvement in fatal crashes than regular passenger vehicles. Large trucks account for about four percent of vehicles on the road, but they are involved in approximately nine percent of deaths from vehicle crashes. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that this includes cargo vans that weigh more than 10,000 pounds, single-unit trucks and tractor-trailer rigs.

Cerebral palsy can result from inadequate fetal monitoring

When a woman is in labor, her body goes through a series of intense physical and chemical processes. The same is true of the infant inside her. Those changes can be dangerous, and for many centuries, childbirth was a leading cause of death among women.

Modern medicine has made labor and delivery safer for both mother and child, but the process is still inherently risky. Modern medicine has developed several critical means of ensuring a healthy delivery, such as monitoring the mother's blood pressure and dilation and the baby's heart rate as well.

Who is the defendant in a medical malpractice case?

Every day, patients are injured because of medical malpractice. Some of these patients and their families wonder who will be held responsible for the damage that was done. Some people automatically think that the doctor who was treating the patient should be held liable for what happened, but this isn't always true.

In medical malpractice cases, there are several points to consider when an attorney is trying to determine who will be named as a defendant. This requires them to look carefully at the circumstances of the case.

Car crashes lead to a host of injuries: Take them seriously

A car crash can get your adrenaline pumping. At the scene of an accident, you may feel shaken and upset. You might even feel angry if the crash was caused by something senseless like texting and driving or drunk driving.

One important thing to do right away is evaluate yourself for injuries. You might be surprised at how much the adrenaline masks symptoms of an injury, so you should also be mindful of how you feel in the days after the car crash. Here are some injuries that could occur:

Birth injuries can lead to long-term health problems

Expectant parents look forward to bringing home their precious baby. It is traumatic to learn that your child may not be able to live a normal life because of something that happened before or during delivery.

Many parents who discover that their child has a birth injury are willing to sacrifice almost everything to support their son or daughter. This can mean learning to live a life filled with medical appointments and challenges, which can lead to financial hardships.

Understand the orthopedic injuries that can occur in a fall

Sometimes slips and falls are a minor inconvenience that leaves you a little sore. However, these incidents can also cause very serious injuries. Orthopedic injuries impact the bones and connective tissues. Oftentimes, they take considerable time to heal.

Some bone-related injuries take longer than others to heal. Some are related to potentially serious complications. Here are some basics about different orthopedic injuries, including information about what the healing process might be like.

Off-label drug use can injure pregnant mothers and unborn babies

You trust your doctor. When you are pregnant, in labor or delivering your child, a doctor may very well hold your life in his or her hands. Fast thinking, knowledge and compassion are all critical to making the best decisions for the health and safety of both mother and child.

Unfortunately, some people who work in obstetrics find the process of labor to be inconvenient. While it is natural and normal for a woman, especially with a first child, to labor for a full day or longer, doctors can get tired of waiting. Maybe the doctor wants to leave for a vacation, has a tee time for golf or just wants to sleep. Any number of factors can lead to compromised decision-making, which can put a mother and her baby at risk of injury or even death.

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