Do I Need To Hire A New Haven Lawyer?

It is surprising how many people never expect to need an attorney. For many reasons, people often damage their own cases by failing to contact an attorney in a timely manner. These reasons include worries about financial burdens and misunderstandings about how even strong insurance policies can be insufficient to help an ordinary person collect merited benefits after an accident.

Give Yourself The Best Opportunity To Bring A Successful Injury Claim | Work With A Qualified New Haven Attorney

Are you hesitating to contact a lawyer after a car accident in Connecticut? Do you believe you should be able to collect by communicating directly with your insurance company or another motorist’s insurer? Keep in mind that it is much more difficult and riskier than you may imagine to navigate the process of bringing an injury claim or wrongful death claim. Claims departments typically use every tactic they can devise to prevent paying out full and fair compensation to an accident victim.

Are you afraid of legal fees? You may talk to an attorney at Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante in New Haven at no charge. After a free initial consultation, if you decide to work with this law firm, attorneys’ fees will normally be handled on a contingency basis. This means you will likely not owe your lawyers anything unless you receive compensation through their efforts.

In fact, obtaining legal counsel can be a wise investment. Your quality of life after a serious injury may depend greatly on the financial resources you recover. Adequate compensation can afford you access to the best available medical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and disability accommodations.

Ready To Go To Work | Level The Playing Field In Your Favor

The skill and experience of your personal injury lawyer can be invaluable in the aftermath of a car accident or a serious slip-and-fall accident. While you, the injured person or a concerned family member, focus on physical recovery, plaintiffs attorneys at Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante can keep your case moving forward. Our attorneys know from experience what steps are likely to result in maximum compensation for an accident victim.

We pledge to be honest with you as to whether a lawyer’s representation is appropriate in your case. To schedule a free consultation with a dedicated Connecticut personal injury attorney, call 203-333-3333 or send an email.