New Haven Medical Device Class Action Attorneys

In the past few decades, the medical device industry has experienced tremendous growth thanks to advances in technology. New devices are drastically improving the lives of many people, but they also carry substantial risks when used improperly. When defective medical devices cause harm to many people, those affected may be able to join a class action lawsuit against the responsible party. A New Haven medical device class action allows many injured individuals to join together and file suit against the negligent party, be it a hospital, doctor, or nursing home.

How Can a New Haven Medical Device Class Action Attorney Help?

At Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, we are a trusted resource for complex class action and mass tort litigation in Connecticut and across the United States. If you have been injured by a harmful drug or medical device, we can help you evaluate your options and determine if a medical device class action or a traditional lawsuit is a good option for you.

Consider contacting us to speak with a lawyer if you have been injured by a dangerous medical device such as:

  • The Bair Hugger and other forced-air warming systems used during surgery
  • DePuy ASR and Pinnacle hip replacement devices
  • Essure, Mirena, and other birth control devices
  • Orchestrator and laparoscopic surgery
  • Stryker hip implants
  • Transvaginal mesh

These cases are particularly complex because they may involve medical malpractice as well as product liability. If your doctor negligently recommended an inappropriate device or failed to insert a device properly, he or she may share liability for any resulting injuries. The best way to determine your options is to speak with an attorney experienced in medical device litigation.

Learn more about liability for dangerous drugs and medical devices.

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