Recovering Damages For Pregnancy-Related And Birth Injuries

Aug 28th, 2014 | Firm News

The arrival of a newborn infant is one of the most significant events that adults can experience in their lifetimes. It is a time of renewal, of promise for the future. You want it to be as close to an example of perfection as is humanly possible; you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Potential Dangers During Childbirth

But bringing a child into the world is never a risk-free proposition; many things can happen that may result in worrisome complications, before and during birth. On rare occasions there may be nothing that parents or doctors can do to prevent a birth injury or birth defect; but sometimes, a birth injury is the result of delivery room negligence by the people that you trusted to help.

Learning that your child has suffered an injury at birth due to a medical mistake — or worse, has incurred a birth defect — can be devastating for both the parents and the child. A lifetime of promise can suddenly turn into an existence requiring life-long medical care. And almost as if to add insult to injury, that lifelong care can come with a price tag that is crippling to a family of average means.

How a New Haven Birth Injury Attorney Can Help

As attorneys, we cannot prevent birth injuries, or undo birth defects. But although we cannot take away the harm that has been done to your newborn and to you, we can help to at least alleviate some of its pain by helping you seek a just recompense for all that follows: the medical expenses, the necessary ongoing care, and the mental and emotional costs that can come hand in hand with a lifetime of potential that has been blunted by an avoidable mistake.

To learn more about the causes and effects of a birth injury or birth defect, including what you may be able to do to recover for them and how we may be able to assist, we invite you to explore the information available on our website.