Former Pro Wrestler Claims Brain Injury Risks Ignored

Nov 6th, 2014 | Firm News

If the allegations in a federal lawsuit filed against World Wrestling Entertainment of Connecticut are proven to be true, they might change the minds of cynics who believe professional wrestling is staged and that participants do not get injured.

According to the lawsuit by a former professional wrestler, the brain trauma he suffered during his short career has left him with permanent disability that includes dementia and depression.

What the Former Wrestler Claims About Brain Injuries

The lawsuit claims that choreographed stunts frequently used in professional wrestling subjected the participants to traumatic brain injury. The former professional wrestler also cites blows to the head with metal chairs and other objects that he was forced to endure during his career as causing brain injury that was not diagnosed.

Recent litigation involving former professional football players has brought the subject of concussions and traumatic brain injury to the attention of the public through widespread media coverage. People are now becoming more aware of the long-term effects that may result from brain trauma. Forgetfulness, severe mood swings, depression and Parkinson’s disease have been linked through medical research to brain injury.

The WWE’s Response to the Lawsuit

A spokesman for the WWE responded publicly to the professional wrestler’s lawsuit by stressing that the medical information about the causes and effects of brain trauma was not available when the plaintiff claims that his injuries occurred.

Individuals suffering from a Connecticut head injury should seek medical attention even if they do not believe they are exhibiting symptoms associated with brain trauma.

A person diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury caused by the actions of another person might benefit from consulting with an attorney. An injured person might be entitled to file a claim for compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, long-term care expenses and other damages associated with the injury.

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