Preparing For Pregnancy Could Prevent Injuries

Nov 13th, 2014 | Firm News

For years, the importance of taking preventative measures and care for ones body, has been spoken of by doctors, nurses and mothers all over the country. Generally, when the importance of getting regular checkups is mentioned, people are referring to ensuring that you are in good health; but if something is found early, in many cases the prognosis will be more positive the sooner the illness or condition is detected.

Prevention Can Protect the Health of An Expectant Mother

The significance of prevention is not limited to certain conditions or diseases, but also can have a positive impact on the health of an expecting mother, as well as the health of her fetus. Likely, this eventually translates into improving the chances for having a successful delivery.

It is wise for a woman who is planning on conceiving to ensure that her body and overall health are strong enough for the stress that pregnancy and labor can include. A woman who receives proper health care before and during pregnancy will be able to decrease the health risks that could arise to both herself and her unborn child.

A doctor is in a position of trust with a patient, and this may even be amplified when it comes to an expecting mother and the physician overseeing her pregnancy.

When a Doctor’s Negligence Can Cause Harm

The doctor has to account for the multiple factors that accompany having to treat the mother and unborn child at the same time. For example, certain medications that are perfectly harmless when given to an adult, but may be very dangerous to the health of a fetus when giving to a pregnant woman.

If a doctor writes an incorrect prescription and the baby suffers as a result, then an investigation may prove that the doctor was legally negligent.

An attorney who is well versed in pregnancy-related injuries could properly investigate the circumstances surrounding the injury and hold a careless doctor liable for the damage that person may have caused.