Act Quickly After Your Injury

Jan 10th, 2015 | Firm News

Time does not wait, and injuries rarely get better on their own. It is essential for a person dealing with a personal injury resulting from possible medical malpractice to seek legal help as quickly as possible.

Why You Should Address Injuries Promptly

We have discussed the statutory time limits for medical malpractice suits in Connecticut in a previous post. These limits essentially mean that a person must file suit within a given time period from the time the injury took place. These limits are set and will be enforced by the court. Not only should a person act quickly because of Connecticut’s statutes of limitations, but also because there could be intervening events that take place which cause evidentiary issues for the case.

As time moves on, different events will almost certainly take place which will affect one’s body, and alter injuries and their symptoms. For instance, an unrelated sickness can alter an injury, or the body may start to heal itself or react in a different way to the initial injury over time. These reactions may make it difficult for counsel to prove the case and show the severity of the initial injury. At the same time, opposing counsel may be able to attack the case because of weakness in the evidence.

Lastly, hospitals generally move slowly when it comes to working with medical records. The data is confidential and they have to follow proper protocol which may cause delays in your case. The sooner the hospital has notice of the suit, the better.

Speak to a Malpractice Attorney Today, Don’t Wait

Simply put, the evidentiary findings are of utmost importance as time can muddy the waters. The experienced Connecticut medical malpractice attorneys at Lynch Traub Keefe & Errante can help you work with the medical professionals and opposing counsel to make sure your case gets heard as quickly as possible. It’s well worth it to act quickly.