Autopsy May Show Medical Malpractice In Dental Patient’s Death

Jan 22nd, 2015 | Firm News

Medical malpractice endangers many lives in Connecticut. Recent reports indicate that a dental practitioner had his license suspended following the death of his patient, an elderly woman. Autopsy reports done by the medical examiner at the hospital where the elderly woman died, indicated that she had died of cardio-pulmonary complications.

What Conditions Caused the Victim’s Death?

A doctor enlisted by a group of reporters reviewed the autopsy report and said that the woman died while under sedation and that she had a pre-existing heart abnormality. He stated, however, that the report failed to show that she had died from anesthesia. Other than that, he observed that there was evidence of brain injury based by an insufficient oxygen supply. These findings could indicate there was indeed medical malpractice involved in the woman’s death.

The autopsy further indicated that the deceased’s lungs were full of fluid. The dental commission ruled that the dentist, who had offices in Connecticut, could never legally practice conscious sedation again. It also voted to suspend his license until the completion of specific training. The family of the deceased only had two years to press charges for medical malpractice against the dentist.

Why Do You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

In instances of medical malpractice, you should consider getting legal advice from an attorney. Attorney representation can go a long way to help you get the much-needed compensation for any physical, financial and emotional damages that you may have suffered because of medical errors. In some cases, as in this news story, you should contact a New Haven medical malpractice law firm early on because the statute of limitations only allows a brief period for you to file a claim.

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