Convincing A Jury Of Your Injuries Is Key To Prevailing In Court

Apr 17th, 2015 | Firm News

There is a saying that no act of communication is 100 percent complete. Between what you mean, what you say and what that person understands there are multiple opportunities for your message to become less effective. If you are trying to deliver that message in a noisy environment, then the problem of understanding becomes even worse. Getting your message across can be even more difficult when you are not only trying to inform but also to persuade.

Message Degradation Can Harm a Court Case

Proving a personal injury claim is a good example of such potential message degradation in action. To succeed, you need to be able to translate what happened to you, specifically, your injuries and how the negligence of another person led to them, in such a way that an arbitrator, or a judge or jury not only understands what happened to you but is also persuaded that what you are saying forms the basis for a damages award.

An arbitration setting or a courtroom may be an orderly and quiet place in the physical sense, but it is actually an intensely noisy environment from the perspective of conveying complete understanding: imagine trying to persuade another person when someone else is standing close by challenging everything you say. In the legal context this is the “adversarial system” in action.

How An Attorney Helps Demonstrate Your Case for Damages

In a personal injury matter, particularly one that can involve complex information such as a traumatic brain injury, to get your message through you need professional communicators to represent you. You also need medical experts who can translate medical terminology into terms that non-medical people can understand. Your attorneys need to present not only a persuasive case, but also overcome the “jamming attempts” of the other party’s attorneys and experts so that your message, the nature of your injuries, and who was at fault, burns through to the decider of facts.

At Lynch Traub Keefe & Errante, effectively communicating our clients’ legal claims is what we do. We understand how the legal system works, and how to effectively use expert witnesses when necessary to get your side of the story through to the jury so that they can clearly understand the harm you have suffered even when the other side is trying to thwart that understanding. If you have been injured by the negligence of someone else, let us help you to present the best possible argument to support your case.