Medical Malpractice Occurs More Frequently Than Patients Realize

Dec 11th, 2015 | Firm News

It is probably safe to say that most people who go to a doctor do not realize that the chances of being treated by someone who has been sued for committing doctor error or some other medical professional negligence is extremely high. One survey asked doctors about their experiences with medical malpractice lawsuits, and 80 percent of them acknowledged being sued for negligence at some point in their careers.

What Are Common Reasons for Lawsuits Against Doctors?

Failure to diagnose a patient condition or ailment was the primary reason cited by doctors as the basis for a personal injury claim by a patient. Two other common reasons cited by doctors who were sued for medical professional malpractice were injuries inflicted upon the patient that exceeded what would normally be associated with the particular form of treatment and a failure to treat the condition for condition for which the patient sought medical care.

A doctor’s failure to treat a medical condition could be related to the failure to diagnose it accurately, or it could be the result of a misdiagnosis. Delayed treatment and misdiagnosis could result in a worsened medical condition that might be more difficult to treat due to the delay or, in extreme cases, the condition might be untreatable; this might occur in patients whose cancer goes undiagnosed and untreated.

Call a New Haven Medical Malpractice Lawyer Now

If you have been the victim of a surgical error, misdiagnosis or other form of medical malpractice, you might be entitled to compensation for any personal injury that might have occurred. A New Haven, Connecticut, medical malpractice attorney might be a good source for legal advice and guidance.

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