Connecticut Wrongful Death Litigation

Apr 1st, 2016 | Firm News

The grieving period following the death of a family member is one of the most difficult times that any family can endure. However, this time period can also be very difficult from a financial perspective. Indeed, if a primary breadwinner in the family dies in an accident, the loved ones left behind might find it difficult if not impossible to pay for their daily living expenses — not to mention the fact of losing future income, savings and the chance of future inheritances.

What Should Be Considered Before Filing for Wrongful Death?

Considering how hard it is emotionally after a loved one dies, this added financial difficulty can really test the mettle of a family’s will to survive. However, families who lose a primary breadwinner may be able to find hope by investigating the viability of pursuing a wrongful death claim against the party or parties responsible for their loved one’s death. Such a claim could play a vital part in the family finding financial security again.

Of course, not all deaths are caused by someone else’s negligence. Those that were caused due to the fault of another party could result in a wrongful death case. In such matters, if family members can show that the at-fault party’s actions, negligence and/or unlawful behavior directly and proximately caused their loved one’s death, then they will usually be able to secure an award of financial damage.

Financial damages in a New Haven wrongful death suit might include, lost family income, lost family relationship, lost future inheritance, emotional pain and suffering and more. At Lynch Traub Keefe & Errante, PC, we have helped numerous families seek damages in court. If you have a potential claim, please read over our webpages on the subject.