Understand The Orthopedic Injuries That Can Occur In A Fall

Aug 23rd, 2017 | Firm News

Sometimes slips and falls are a minor inconvenience that leaves you a little sore. However, these incidents can also cause very serious injuries. Orthopedic injuries impact the bones and connective tissues. Oftentimes, they take considerable time to heal.

Some bone-related injuries take longer than others to heal. Some are related to potentially serious complications. Here are some basics about different orthopedic injuries, including information about what the healing process might be like.

Broken Back or Neck

A spinal or neck fracture is a potentially life-threatening injury. Since the spine protects the spinal cord, a break could be critical. Some spinal cord injuries aren’t as serious as others, but a damaged spinal cord might mean a lifetime of paralysis.

A broken back or neck requires intensive medical care. You may need surgery to stabilize the area so that it can heal. Limited activity is usually necessary while the injury heals.

Fractured Wrist

It is a normal reflex to try to catch yourself when you fall, but this can lead to a fractured wrist, an injury most commonly associated with younger people. A broken wrist might be immobilized with a cast or brace while it heals. Sometimes surgery isn’t necessary, but there is a chance that you will need pins or screws to repair the area.

Broken Hip

A broken hip is serious and will likely require surgery. This injury is associated with older adults who might have weakened bones. Hospitalization and intensive rehabilitation are often necessary after this type of injury. Infection is a concern when the hip is fractured, so this is often treated proactively.

When Physical or Occupational Therapy is Needed

In all of these cases, you might need physical or occupational therapy to help you complete your recovery. These therapies can help you re-learn how to use the area that was injured. It might also provide you with techniques to strengthen the muscles and avoid future injuries.

There is a chance that you will have to take time off of work while your body heals from a fall. This loss of income and the medical bills that follow a serious injury might lead you to seek compensation from the party who is responsible for the accident. You can do this through a civil lawsuit. Make sure you find out about how the circumstances of the case might affect the way you and your attorney handle your claim.