Cold Weather And Increased Road Hazards

Nov 17th, 2018 | Firm News

The fall and winter months in Connecticut are full of interesting events and beautiful sights. As you are driving around, make sure you take proper safety measures. Some road hazards are more common in colder months than in summer and spring.

Here are some potential dangers to be aware of when you head out in fall and winter.

Foggy Mornings

As the temperature drops, fog is more common during the morning hours. Don’t fall into the temptation to turn on your high beams in the fog: Using low beams helps to ensure you can see properly because high beams may cause a glare as they bounce off the water particles that cause the fog. Other drivers might not give you enough space to maneuver. Some might follow too closely and thus put you at risk of being rear-ended.

Glaring Sun

The glaring sun can be a serious problem during the fall and winter. In the fall, the sun can bounce off mirrors and hit a driver’s eyes. It can also shine directly into their faces. Sunlight may reflect off snow, which can also cause trouble with visibility. Even a second or two of blindness can lead to a crash.

Wild Animals

The fall months can bring an increase in wildlife activity and the chance that you will hit an animal. In November, for example, you may be 3.5 times more likely to crash into wildlife. Some animals, such as deer, mate and migrate during this time of year. They don’t know to watch for cars on the road. Slamming into a deer or another animal or trying to swerve to avoid one can lead to a crash. Wildlife activity is more common from dusk to dawn so use caution if you drive during these hours.

Fallen Leaves

Leaves on the ground can cause accidents. While small patches won’t cause much of a problem for a regular vehicle, they can pose serious hazards for motorcycles. The danger of fallen leaves increases if they are damp or wet because they become very slick. Additionally, they can hide potholes and other obstacles on the road.

You May Need Legal Advice

While you might be aware of these seasonal hazards, other drivers may not pay attention, which can put you in danger. If you are involved in an accident caused by another driver, be prepared to act. You may choose to seek compensation for the damages caused by the crash. These include medical bills, lost wages due to your injuries and other related costs.