Mistakes Hospitals Make Can Cost Patients

Feb 26th, 2020 | Firm News

A trip to the hospital for care should not result in further injury. However, some hospitals fail to do all they can to protect patients.

People are fallible, and those who work in the hospital are no exception. When the mistake was due to negligence, the patient may exercise the right to seek compensation for the injury. Whether policies and procedures failed or it was workers themselves, the ultimate at-fault party in these circumstances often winds up being the hospital. Delve into the types of missteps a hospital may make that lead to patient injury or illness.

Short on Staff

Hospitals have budgets just like every other business. When the number of hours exceeds what the board contemplated in an operating budget, the hospital may make cuts. Because operating a hospital without staff is out of the question, the remaining workers may have to exceed their regular hours to pick up the slack. Exhaustion and stress may lead to avoidable mistakes. The hospital bears the burden of this negligent policy.

Lazy Sanitation

Germs and bacteria are pervasive within hospitals. When a patient with a compromised immune system faces exposure, it may result in catastrophic consequences. Infection rates in hospitals rise when staff fails to maintain proper safety protocol like:

  • Sanitizing all surfaces
  • Wearing protective clothing, changing it between patients
  • Disposing of used hypodermic needles properly

When the hospital fails to enforce a sanitation policy, patients suffer.

Failure to Investigate

Claims of negligence arise daily in hospital settings. The facility has a duty to protect patients by conducting investigations into allegations. However, some facilities may either overlook palpable negligent behavior or they may dismiss the investigation partway through. Regardless, if a hospital does not follow-up on a report and an employee continues to engage in negligent practices, the hospital is on the hook.

Any member of a hospital may face a medical malpractice lawsuit. When dealing with the aftermath of a mistake that happens while in the hospital, it is wise to find someone who may help you get through it.