Drunk Driving Risks Over The Holidays

People who live in New Haven, Connecticut and surrounding counties should click here to get important facts about the dangers associated with drunk driving and the holidays.

Every year, residents who live in the greater New Haven, Connecticut region no doubt hear or read reports about a growing danger of drinking and driving during holiday seasons. These reports are based on facts and people in the area should learn more about this problem and what they can do if involved in such an accident. Motor vehicle accidents of all types claim many lives each year and the involvement of alcohol can only increase the severity of the outcome of many such incidents.

A Problem Around The Country

The state of Connecticut is not alone in experiencing an increase of drunk driving accidents and associated fatal injuries during the holidays. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records show this trend spans the country. The NHTSA compared accident data from Decembers spanning from 2001 until 2005 to see the difference in fatalities associated with alcohol on holiday days versus those days designated as non-holiday days.

For the holiday dates in the participating Decembers, it was found that 40 percent of all the fatalities resulted from drunk driving accidents. For the non-holiday dates in the participating Decembers, that number was dramatically lower at 28 percent.

Further comparisons were done utilizing data from December of 2005 alone. This time, the NHTSA segmented out the non-holiday dates from those dates associated with Christmas and then those associated with New Year’s. Across the nation in that December, an average of 34 deaths attributed to drunk driving accidents were recorded on the non-holiday days. Over the days attributed to the Christmas holiday that year, the number was found to be 46 deaths per day. Over the days attributed to the New Year’s holiday that year, the number was found to be 55 deaths per day.

Drunk Driving Dangers In Connecticut

The information from the NHTSA supports the awareness is needed with regards to holiday drunk driving. However, this is not the only time of year when these accidents can happen. Mothers Against Drunk Driving notes that 36 percent of all vehicular fatalities in 2012 in Connecticut occurred from accidents involving alcohol.

Additional data from the NHTSA includes:

  • A total of 236 people died in vehicle accidents in Connecticut and 85 of those were attributed to drunk driving.
  • In New Haven County, 16 out of 49 automotive deaths were attributed to drunk driving.
  • Only Hartford County lost more lives to drunk drivers than New Haven County statewide with a total of 27 deaths attributed to drunk driving.

Clearly there is a need for increased vigilance at all times and especially during the holidays.

What Can Drivers Do?

Getting help from an attorney after any car accident is important and can be even more important when a drunk driver is at fault. Victims and loved ones always deserve compensation in these situations.