Auto Insurance FAQ

Chances are, you only think about your auto insurance when you pay your bill — until you have been involved in a car accident. All of a sudden, the details of your policy could have a significant impact on your ability to pay your medical bills and recover the wages you have lost while unable to work.

Here, we have answered some of the most common questions we encounter while representing car accident victims. This page provides general information about auto insurance, but it is always wise to speak with a lawyer if you have questions about your specific situation.

Q: I have been working with my insurance company, but it just denied payment of my medical expenses. What should I do?

A: If you encounter any problems getting compensated for your legitimate injury claim, it is best to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can take over and negotiate on your behalf while making sure you are treated fairly.

Q: Do I have to notify my insurance company when I have been in an accident?

A: Yes. You are legally obligated to cooperate with your insurer’s investigation into the accident. If you are represented by an attorney, however, he or she can do this on your behalf.

Q: Should I also cooperate with the other driver’s insurer?

A: You are not required to speak to anyone else’s insurance company. In fact, we recommend that you do not talk to another driver’s insurance company without first consulting a lawyer. Keep in mind that the other party’s insurance company has one goal: to minimize the amount it pays out.

Q: What if the other driver does not have insurance?

A: It may be possible to get the compensation you need if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. A claim with your own insurance company, a lawsuit or other action may be appropriate, depending on your situation.

Q: Who will pay my medical bills after an accident?

A: The responsible driver’s insurance company should pay your medical expenses, but usually only after the conclusion of your case. In some cases, the insurer may try to delay or completely deny coverage. If you are concerned that your claim is not being handled fairly, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation.

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