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Anesthesiologists play a crucial role in many medical procedures. Surgery, from minor procedures to complex operations, requires the benefits of anesthesia. Even the most skilled medical practitioner can run into issues and commit an anesthesia error in New Haven when they must:

  • Choose the appropriate anesthesia and dosage for the procedure at hand
  • Choose anesthesia that is effective for that patient (e.g., avoiding allergic reactions)
  • Monitor a patient’s vital signs during surgery
  • Ensure proper supply of oxygen to the patient

Failure to perform any of these tasks appropriately can lead to serious injury, possibly to the brain, as well as death. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to an anesthesia error in New Haven, our medical malpractice attorneys can help you pursue all appropriate compensation.

Effective pursuit of compensation for anesthesia errors, like all medical malpractice, requires showing that the anesthesiologist deviated from the accepted standard of care. Medical records are complex. Thoroughly investigating them and being able to identify deviations requires experience. Securing the representation of a firm that has a record of creating accountability for medical malpractice is a must.

Skilled Representation For Those Injured By Surgical Error

At Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, we are committed to helping our clients secure the full compensation they deserve for their injuries. For more than 60 years, we have been helping people fight for compensation and accountability. Our anesthesia error attorneys in New Haven have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We understand the challenges people face after being injured by medical malpractice, and we have the skills and experience to truly help you. We have a team of experienced and dedicated trial lawyers working with staff nurses to prove your case to get you the compensation you deserve.

What You Need to Know About New Haven Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesiologists are involved in surgeries and various medical procedures. If you have had surgery in a hospital in Connecticut, it is likely that an anesthesiologist was there to make the experience less painful for you.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to an anesthesiologist’s negligence, here’s what you need to know:

When you are under general anesthesia, there is a lot that happens. Your spine and brain are affected to make sure that you do not feel the pain, cannot move, and cannot perceive or remember the trauma your body experiences during the surgery.

To make all of this happen, requires a very delicate mix of drugs. This makes going under the influence of anesthesia very risky, which is why there is a dedicated anesthesiologist with you throughout the entire surgery.

But anesthesiologists are people, and they can and do make mistakes like everyone else. That said, if the anesthesiologist makes a mistake, and you suffer serious long-term health complications, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against them for medical malpractice.

Types of Anesthesia Errors in New Haven

Many serious injuries can happen because of an anesthesia error. One of the most common is brain injury or death because of the reduction of oxygen or complete lack of oxygen to the patient’s brain.

When you are under general anesthesia during a surgery or other medical procedure, you are usually not able to breathe on your own. A breathing tube is placed in your airway and your oxygen levels are regulated by the anesthesiologist. If the anesthesiologist fails to monitor these levels, you can suffer brain damage. Our New Haven brain injury attorneys are committed to fighting for justice for these who have suffered such harm through negligence.

Other types of anesthesia errors that can lead to serious injuries include:

  • Giving you the wrong dosage (too much or too little);
  • Giving you the wrong type of anesthetic (this can be a serious issue if you have a serious allergy to a particular type of anesthetic); and
  • Giving you an anesthetic that interacts harmfully with a prescription drug that you are taking

Who is at Fault For an Anesthesia Error?

If you or a loved one has been injured by an anesthesia error, you may be wondering who is at fault, the doctor or the hospital? Most people would assume that the hospital and the anesthesiologist would both be at fault. However, this can turn out to be a more complicated question than you would think.

Not all anesthesiologists work directly for the hospitals in which they practice. If the anesthesiologist is an independent contractor, you would need to sue them and not the hospital where the error occurred. This can be a very complicated issue and is best left to an experienced New Haven emergency room error attorney to determine.

The Statute of Limitations For Medical Malpractice Claims in Connecticut

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured because of an anesthesia error, you have a limited amount of time to get compensation for your injuries. Connecticut law requires you to either settle your case or file a medical malpractice lawsuit within two years of the date of your injury. This is known as the statute of limitations.

Those two years can go by quickly, so it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable anesthesia error attorney in New Haven as soon as possible. Your lawyer will need time to thoroughly review your medical records and determine the next step in your claim.

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