Drug Charges Thrown Out Over Illegal Search And Seizure

On February 17, 2009, a superior court judge dismissed multiple felony drug charges against a defendant represented by LTKE Law who was accused of possessing over 150 pounds of marijuana and operating a drug factory.

Attorneys Hugh F. Keefe and Benjamin D. Gettinger successfully argued that all of the evidence against the defendant should be suppressed because it was the result of illegal and unconstitutional police searches and seizures. The state argued that the defendant did not have standing to challenge the police searches because he rented the searched property under an alias. After the issue was extensively briefed and an evidentiary hearing was held, the judge agreed with attorneys Keefe and Gettinger that the defendant had standing to challenge the police searches and seizures. The judge also agreed that the search was illegal and therefore suppressed the evidence. As a result, LTKE Law‘s client had all of the charges brought against him dismissed.

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