Defective Products & Class Action Lawsuits in New Haven

If you were injured when using a defective product such as a medical device or defective car part, you may have a claim for compensation against the manufacturer. One problem with this kind of legal action is the great expense involved in conducting an appropriate investigation. Individual claimants often cannot afford the risk involved in preparing to sue a large corporation for compensation after suffering harm caused by a defective medical device or car part such as an accelerator or brake system. A solution that has helped many injured consumers is a New Haven class action lawsuit brought by a large group of injured claimants.

You may be able to recover compensation cost-effectively through mass torts (a class action lawsuit) if you suffered injury and economic losses because a hip implant or medication was defective. Alternatively, the facts of your case may indicate that you stand a good chance of a good outcome through a traditional direct lawsuit on your own against a manufacturer.

Advice On How Best To Pursue Compensation With a New Haven Class Action Lawsuit

Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante in New Haven, has a great deal of experience helping injured people recover compensation in meritorious product liability claims and personal injury lawsuits. Our attorneys can evaluate your case and advise you as to the most promising way to pursue compensation:

  • By filing a claim or lawsuit on your own against a manufacturer, vendor or other liable party
  • By initiating a New Haven class action lawsuit and establishing a way for other claimants to join your cause, thereby keeping the investigation costs reasonable
  • By joining a class action lawsuit

Our lawyers can advise and represent you in any of these pursuits of compensation you are eligible for. Call 203-800-7343 or send an email to request a free initial consultation.