What Should I Do After Suffering a New Haven Work Injury?

After a New Haven work injury, knowing what to do next can be difficult — particularly when you are seriously hurt and concerned about your financial future. A workplace accident requires a specific response to maximize your opportunity to recover well, both physically and financially. An accidental injury most likely qualifies you for workers’ compensation benefits. You may have additional options to pursue compensation if a third party other than your employer or a co-worker was in any way responsible for the accident.

To ensure that you receive maximum available workers’ compensation benefits, follow the rules set out in Connecticut laws. To ensure that your case is screened for a potential third-party liability claim, ask an attorney to review the facts as soon as possible. At Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, we can guide you in both aspects of your injury case, beginning with a free initial consultation with an attorney.

Steps To Follow After A New Haven Work Injury

If you were injured in the course of your employment, you are responsible for following certain steps:

  1. Before you leave the workplace, report the accident and injury to your supervisor or whoever was in charge and on duty when it occurred.
  2. Preserve any available documentation of the accident and injury, such as by photographing the injury, getting names and contact information of witnesses, saving emergency room paperwork and keeping track of medical treatment you receive.
  3. Fill out necessary forms, perhaps provided to you by your company’s human resources (HR) department.
  4. Get a thorough medical evaluation and maintain records of your treatment.
  5. Follow doctors’ orders.
  6. Speak with a proven workers’ compensation attorney.

Do I really need an attorney? If workers’ compensation is all that you are eligible to collect and if your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer pays for your medical care properly, you may not need a lawyer’s help. However, a free initial consultation can offer reassurance that you are not missing any opportunities for additional compensation.

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