What Should I Do After A New Haven Car Accident?

At The Scene Of The New Haven Accident

If you have found this webpage while still at the scene of an injury-causing accident, you should, of course, call for emergency help if no one else has yet. Call 911 to summon an ambulance and police. If you can safely move a vehicle or injured person out of the road before emergency help arrives, this may save a life. However, you should never put your own life in danger after a New Haven car accident. Ideally, emergency vehicles will arrive shortly.

While at the scene of the accident, you may have a chance to gather valuable evidence that will be difficult to obtain later. If at all possible, AAA recommends taking photos of the scene. The photos should indicate weather conditions, road conditions, positioning of vehicles, and the presence of any visual impairments such as branches covering stop signs. If you are documenting a family member’s injuries, graphic photos showing the full extent of those injuries can be helpful for your injury claim.

Get A Police Report And Save Paperwork

You can help move your case forward by requesting a police report about the accident. You can compare your recollections with the police report and note any discrepancies.

That police report will no doubt become one of many pieces of paper that will be generated by a car accident. Get started saving all relevant documentation, including medical bills, communications from insurers, and so on. Your personal injury attorney can advise you on how to stay on top of the paperwork. At Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, we typically take over the task of organizing documents and responding as needed.

Close Collaboration, Open Communication And Urgency

More importantly, if we represent you, we pledge to get started right away helping you pursue compensation through an injury claim or lawsuit. You can expect close collaboration with us, open communication and zealous advocacy on your behalf.

For your own protection, we urge you not to discuss the accident at length with any investigator, claims adjuster, law enforcement officer or even family or friends until you are represented by an attorney.

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